I’m Eric Day. I pay taxes in Los Angeles but I live to travel, create, and explore the world.

I’m a producer. Officially, my job is to develop content, discover new talent, connect the pieces, and shepherd great projects from inception to completion.

What that actually means is that I’m the firefighter, problem solver, hands in the mud, “it’s all going to be ok” type of person.

I have a BFA in Directing & BA in Screenwriting from Chapman University — a fancy way of saying that I love a good movie and a great story. I’m constantly on the search for new material. Between writing, creative projects and all the like, it’s a goal to avoid the boring.

My father once said it’s not enough to dream. That dreams without actions are only dreams forever. So, with that in mind… Act. Work. Go and “do”. No one else will do it for you. (My father didn’t actually say it like that. He said it much more eloquently.)